Energy Insight: What is Power Partners? (FAQ)

Q: What is Power Partners?

A: Power Partners is a resource that bundles all of CDE Lightband’s energy efficiency, renewable and electrification offerings into one customer product in order to improve communication and engagement.


Q: What’s the benefit of signing up to be a Power Partner?

A: Customers who sign up to be Power Partners are automatically entered to win an Ecobee smart thermostat. They get a free promotional item just for signing up (while supplies last). They are notified of upcoming events and promotions related to energy efficiency and new electric technology, and if they participate in Peak Project events, they can help to keep Clarksville’s electric rates low.


Q: How do I sign up?

A: Just text “partners” to 85700 and show a CDE Lightband customer service representative the confirmation message you get back to claim your Power Partners promotional item. Promotional items must be claimed in the lobby at 2021 Wilma Rudolph Blvd. Maximum 5 messages per month. Message and data rates may apply. Text “STOP” any time to cancel.


Q: Who can sign up?

A: Anyone with an active CDE Lightband account can sign up and receive one free promotional item. Only those signing up from a phone number associated with an active residential account will be eligible to win the current contest.


Q: How will I be notified if I win the monthly drawing?

A: Contest winners will be notified via phone call to the number from which they signed up to be a Power Partner. Participants must sign up from a number associated with their active CDE Lightband account to qualify.


Q: What happens when there are no more promotional items available?

A: Promotional items for giveaway are available “while supplies last.” If promotional items are not available at the time a customer signs up, that customer will still be entered in the drawing to win the current contest item. Customer’s who sign up but do not receive a free promotional item may come back at a later time to inquire about the availability of new promotional items.


Q: What is the Peak Project?

A: The Peak Project is a new program. All customers who sign up to be Power Partners will get a notification twice per month of an upcoming peak event. The text message the customer receives will have instructions about how to reduce their electric use during the peak event, and the customer can decide if they’d like to participate.


Q: Will participating in Peak Project events lower my electric bill?

A: Not immediately. The purpose of the Peak Project is to work together as a city to lower our wholesale electricity costs and keep electric rates low. This has a long-term effect on all of us, but participating in events from month to month may not noticeably change your bill in any immediate way.


Q: How do I save money on my electric bill?

A: Sign up to be a Power Partner and follow the advice and energy efficiency guides provided on the Power Partners web page at


Q: What’s available on the Power Partners web page?

A: All of CDE Lightband’s resources and other publicly available resources for energy efficiency, renewable energy generation and electrification are available at Those resources include but are not limited to:

  • Energyright: home energy evaluations and residential energy efficiency project financing program
  • Smart Energy Advice: quick tips for practical energy and money-saving measures
  • Green Power Switch: a program for purchasing “blocks” of green power
  • Online self-audit: virtual online self-evaluation of your home’s energy efficiency. Customers may be eligible to win prizes if they complete the online self-evaluation.
  • Energy Insight Articles: in-depth explorations of energy efficiency and grid-edge technology subjects that may be of interest to customers wanting to better understand what effects their energy use.
  • Much more is available online. These programs change periodically so visit the website regularly to stay up-to-date.



Be a Power Partner

Sign up to partner with CDE Lightband and use electric power efficiently.

To sign up to be a Power Partner, simply Text PARTNERS to 85700.

You must text from a number associated with your CDE Lightband account to qualify. Maximum 5 messages per month. Message and data rates may apply. Text "STOP" any time to cancel.