(Pictured L-R) Clarksville Mayor Joe Pitts; General Manager of CDE Lightband, Brian Taylor; Energy Services Specialist at CDE
Lightband, Levon Gibson; Energy Services Specialist at CDE Lightband, Robert Denson; Energy Services Manager at CDE
Lightband, John Jackson; Vice President of TVA EnergyRight, Cynthia Herron; Program Manager of TVA EnergyRight, Bethany
Kitch; Customer Service Manager of TVA, Lynn Huffstetler; Board Chairman of CDE Lightband, Ron Jackson
CLARKSVILLE, TN – June 10, 2021– TVA EnergyRight recognizes CDE Lightband as a Top
Performer for fiscal year 2020 and also as Innovator of the Year. These awards honor local
power providers that demonstrate active participation and promotion of EnergyRight
innovative programs and efforts as well as displaying enthusiasm communicating the values of
TVA EnergyRight programs.
“CDE Lightband provides the staffing, promotion and resources to ensure that customers are
aware of and can participate in energy efficiency measures to save on electric bills,” said Cindy
Herron, vice president of TVA EnergyRight. “We are very proud of this great accomplishment
and are very excited about what lies ahead in this rapidly changing energy marketplace.”
Meeting this criteria, CDE Lightband has accomplished great success with its Home Energy
Evaluations, particularly the virtual home audits, allowing the home energy advisor to guide
customers via a mobile device. With last year’s challenges, it was imperative to showcase high
levels of resourcefulness and ingenuity using the tools and information necessary to provide
confidence to the consumer in their energy decisions. In addition, the New Homes program
promotes electrification of new homes by incentivizing local builders to use electricity as their
primary source of energy.
“Our Energy Services department remains a leader in energy research, development of new
programs and education of CDE Lightband customers. I’m really excited for the direction CDE
Lightband is going and happy to see these efforts being recognized,” says general manager of
CDE Lightband, Brian Taylor.
CDE Lightband is also being recognized as an EnergyRight Innovator of the Year for its Power
Partners website ( Built to educate its customer base and
engage them in their energy usage, this website offers CDE Lightband customers a one-stop
source of valuable information, such as in-house offerings, renewable education and
community engagement. With this innovative technology, CDE Lightband is leading the way in
being a Trusted Energy Advisor in the Valley.

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