Energy Insight: The Importance of HVAC Maintenance

  1. Utility bill increase: We generally see higher energy usage in the winter and summer months. Why? Because your HVAC system will operate more often with extreme temperatures. This will happen even with a fully functional HVAC system.  Now, imagine you have an issue with your HVAC. Your system may operate more often due to a malfunction within the unit itself or the thermostat. We strongly advise having your HVAC serviced twice a year. When your trusted HVAC technician services your HVAC system, it will improve the efficiency of your system and detect any issues that may be present. Doing so will keep the system working more efficiently and effectively. This means that the HVAC system will not have to work as hard to keep you and your family comfortable. This also means less energy consumption and more savings for you! When you neglect HVAC maintenance, this can cause your system to work harder and for longer, causing you to consume more electricity as the years go on.
  2. Preventative Maintenance: Preventative maintenance is the key to keeping your HVAC healthy and working efficiently. A problem can be detected and fixed early before major damage occurs. If you are not servicing your HVAC system, easy fixes can turn into larger fixes. Don’t wait until your system fails to call an HVAC technician.
  3. Warranties: Preventative maintenance may be required to uphold the warranty you agreed to with your HVAC contractor. Contractors differ in what their warranties cover, but a lot of times your HVAC system will come with a 10-year warranty. This warranty may consist of parts and labor. Always ask about warranties whenever you purchase a new HVAC system or when a problem occurs.
  4. Air quality: Homes without HVAC systems or faulty HVAC systems have a higher chance of poor air quality. A well-functioning HVAC system keeps the air quality higher inside your home. The HVAC filters our pollutants, helping you live more comfortably. The more efficient the HVAC system, the better your air quality will be.
  5. Safety: You should already have carbon monoxide detectors in your home. If not, stop reading and go buy them now! Also, preventative maintenance can help keep your family safe from carbon monoxide poisoning. Ask your technician to check for any possible carbon monoxide leaks whenever you have maintenance done.
  6. HVAC life expectancy: You should expect to get 10-15 years of use out of your HVAC system. Preventative maintenance can possibly extend this to 20 years and beyond. We get or should get health screenings once a year as we age. This concept also applies to your HVAC system.
  7. What does preventive maintenance consist of? Your maintenance plan should check your heating system in the fall and service an air conditioning unit in the spring. Annual maintenance plans will cover a variety of things; a few notable things are listed below:
  • Checking and cleaning indoor coils.
  • Clean and replace air filters
  • Making sure belts are not damaged
  • Ensure the thermostat is communicating correctly
  • Inspecting for leaky ductwork

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