What is the Peak Project?

Peak Event Graph

A Peak Event is when Clarksville’s electric use reaches its monthly peak. Power Partners will get text messages once or twice per month notifying them of upcoming peak events. By reducing power use during peak events, even a small amount, Power Partners can help keep electric rates low and make Clarksville’s energy future sustainable.

Power Partners can reduce electric use during peak events by adjusting their thermostat by just 2 degrees during the event, and then turning their thermostat back to its original setting at the end of the event. Power Partners can also reduce hot water use, turn off unnecessary lighting and delay doing household chores that require electricity. It’s up to our Power Partners to decide how much and how often they want to participate.

To stay informed about the Peak Project and all of our other energy efficiency offerings sign up for Power Partners.

It's easy to make a big impact.

All it takes is 2 degrees.

If you bump your thermostat just two degrees from its usual setting during peak events (up in summer; down in winter), then you can help us have a significant impact. Once the Peak Event is over, Power Partners change their thermostat settings back to normal. Peak Events usually occur twice per month and last only two hours.

Be a Power Partner

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To sign up to be a Power Partner, simply Text PARTNERS to 85700.

You must text from a number associated with your CDE Lightband account to qualify. Maximum 5 messages per month. Message and data rates may apply. Text "STOP" any time to cancel.