Energy Insight: Increased Energy Usage Explained

  by Jared Combs 

      What affects energy use?

  • Weather is the primary factor affecting energy use.
  • Space conditioning is the single largest energy user in most homes.
  • Heating in winter typically requires more energy use than cooling in summer.
  • Water heating is another significant source of energy use.



Residential Energy Use and Weather




What affects energy use?


*Source: Energy Information Administration Residential Energy Consumption Survey



Why does the weather have this effect?


The difference between the interior and exterior temperatures of a structure affects how much energy is needed for space conditioning because they affect how much heat flows across the building envelope.

As illustrated above, this difference is typically greater during the winter months, and so there is more heat transfer and more need for space conditioning to maintain comfortable interior conditions.


In these summer conditions, the difference between the outside temperature and the inside temperature is 95˚-70˚=25˚, and heat is flowing from outside the home to inside.

In these winter conditions, the difference between the inside temperature and the outside temperature is 70˚-25˚=45˚, and more heat is flowing from inside the home to outside.



Factors Affecting Residential Energy Bills: Rates

Rate · kWh + Customer Charge = Bill Amount



2020 CDE Lightband Residential Rates Compared to National Average Residential Rates

*National average rates are those reported in the Energy Information Administration (eia) Electric Power Monthly Report. November and December national average rates are the same as those reported for October as actual data is not yet available in the most recent version of the eia report.


Factors Affecting Residential Energy Bills: Energy Use

Rate · kWh + Customer Charge = Bill Amount


Average 24 Hour Summer Residential Load Shape



Average 24 Hour Winter Residential Load Shape


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