TVA EnergyRight Home Energy Rebates

To take advantage of any of these rebates visit TVA Energy Right. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact the CDE Lightband Energy Services professionals.

HVAC SystemTVA Preferred Air Source Heat Pump2,4,5$1,500per system
HVAC SystemGeothermal Heat Pump 2,4$1,500per system
HVAC SystemMini Split - 22 SEER/21.0 SEER2 or higher 2,4$1,250per system
HVAC SystemMini Split - 19 SEER/18.0 SEER22,4$1,100per system
HVAC SystemMini Split - 18 SEER/17.0 SEER22,4$1,000per system
HVAC SystemAir Source Heat Pump - 22 SEER/21.0 SEER2 or higher2,4$750per system
HVAC SystemAir Source Heat Pump - 18 SEER/17.0 SEER22,4$500per system
HVAC SystemAir Source Heat Pump - 17 SEER/16.1 SEER2 2,4$400per system
HVAC SystemAir Source Heat Pump - 16 SEER/15.2 SEER22,4$300per system
HVAC SystemAir Source Heat Pump - 15 SEER/14.2 SEER22,4$100per system
HVAC SystemCentral Air Conditioner - 17 SEER/16.1 SEER2 or higher 2$700per system
HVAC SystemCentral Air Conditioner - 16 SEER/15.2 SEER2 2$300per system
HVAC SystemDual Fuel Heat Pump - 18 SEER/17.0 SEER2 or higher 2,4$600per system
HVAC SystemDual Fuel Heat Pump - 16 SEER/15.2 SEER22,4$400per system
HVAC SystemDual Fuel Heat Pump - 15 SEER/14.2 SEER2 2,4$100per system
HVAC SystemTune-up for Existing Heat Pump or Central Air Conditioning System6$50per system
Duct SystemDuct Sealing, Repair, Insulation, or Replacement3$300per system
Water HeatingHeat Pump Water Heater 2,4$500per unit
Air SealingEnvelope Air Sealing$300per home
InsulationAttic Insulation$300per home
InsulationWall Insulation$300per home
InsulationFloor Insulation$100per home
Windows & DoorsWindow Replacement 2$15per window
1 Must be installed by an approved QCN member and meet TVA Standards effective on installation date. All measures, except Window Replacement, eligible for program financing.
2 Must replace existing unit(s).
3 Must be for existing or replacement HVAC system.
4 Must replace existing electric heat source.
5 Defined as a minimum 15.2 SEER2 and 8.1 HSPF2 all-electric heat pump with a variable speed compressor, excluding two-stage compressors, system produces 100% of rated heating capacity without backup heat at 17 degrees F, cooling capacity cannot exceed 125% of cooling load at design conditions, and is installed by a manufacturer certified installer. QCN must provide Manual J 8th edition with project submission.
6 One HVAC tune-up per system per year, electric system only.

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