Home Uplift Program

Due to limited funding, we are no longer accepting applications for the Home Uplift program in 2021. Pending renewed funding, we will begin accepting applications in 2022 on a first-come, first-served basis.  Please check back at that time for more information. If you have any questions or need energy assistance please contact us at 931-553-7400
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Energy Insight: Extended Leave Energy Saving Tips for Winter

Are you planning an extended visit for the holidays? Are you a member of the military and deploying soon? Whatever the reason for your extended absence, CDE Lightband wants to help keep your energy costs down while you are away. LOWER YOUR THERMOSTAT When leaving, set all the home’s thermostats to 50°F – 55°F. This
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Fall into Energy Savings

Fall is here, so are falling temperatures!  Your heating system accounts for over 70% of your usage for an electrically heated home.  Here are a few quick energy saving tips to reduce your usage as the days get colder and shorter. Set your thermostat to 68°F or lower. Keep curtains open on the south side
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Energy Insight: How can I get a Home Energy Evaluation?

In partnership with TVA, CDE Lightband offers customers personal, in-depth home energy efficiency evaluation services.  To try the DIY Home Energy Assessment online, click here. To schedule a virtual or in-person Home Energy Evaluation, click here.   Many of our customers have experienced hardship in this difficult time. As your trusted energy advisors, it’s always
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Energy Insight: What are easy ways to save money on energy use in summer?

Summer in the South can get hot. For a few months of the year, our air conditioners are working hard to cool our homes and this will cause increased electric use. We’re here to help with the following easy way to save energy and dollars. Try following these suggestions and read our other articles to
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CDE Lightband Receives Grant for Solar Research

CLARKSVILLE, TN – February 24, 2020– CDE Lightband was awarded a research grant by the American Public Power Association’s Demonstration of Energy & Efficiency Developments (DEED) program. “I’m always impressed with CDE Lightband’s ability to stay on the leading edge of the technologies that have an impact on the energy marketplace and customers’ needs,” Clarksville Mayor
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Energy Insight: How can prepaid billing help with energy use?

CDE Lightband has a prepaid option that allows customers to pay ahead before using electricity. Prepaid is a great option for customers who are on the go or want a better grasp of their daily energy consumption.  Similar to how your gas gauge shows you when your gas tank starts getting low, CDE notifies pre-paid
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Energy Insight: Ways to Save Money and Energy Use in the Winter

Winter in the South isn’t very predictable. The only thing for certain is that energy usage will increase. We’ve put together a few quick suggestions to help you save money on your energy bills this winter. Try following these suggestions and read our other articles to learn more: Control your thermostat: In the winter, keep
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Energy Insight: What is Power Partners? (FAQ)

Q: What is Power Partners? A: Power Partners is a resource that bundles all of CDE Lightband’s energy efficiency, renewable and electrification offerings into one customer product in order to improve communication and engagement.   Q: What’s the benefit of signing up to be a Power Partner? A: Customers who sign up to be Power Partners are
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Energy Insight: Are Electric Vehicles Good for the Environment?

The electric vehicle (EV) market place is growing rapidly. This is partially because people are becoming more environmentally conscious and partially because the technology driving EVs (pun intended) has matured significantly. It may also be because car manufacturers have mostly stopped making EVs that look like souped-up golf carts. Whatever the reason, the Energy Information
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