Energy Insight: Seasonal Energy Usage Explained

Have you ever wondered why your energy use at home changes from one month to the next, even though your routine at home stays mostly the same? It’s a very reasonable thing to wonder, and at the core of these mysterious fluctuations in our energy bills are some truly interesting concepts worth discussion. If we
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Energy Insight: How can you efficiently operate your heat and air-conditioning?

Clarksville is a beautiful place to live. According to, it’s the best place to live. One thing is for sure; the seasons certainly keep our weather interesting. They also make energy efficiency more challenging. There’s no one, perfect thermostat setting or schedule. It’s often best to make thermostat adjustments throughout the year. Fact: Your
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Energy Insight: The Importance of HVAC Maintenance

Utility bill increase: We generally see higher energy usage in the winter and summer months. Why? Because your HVAC system will operate more often with extreme temperatures. This will happen even with a fully functional HVAC system.  Now, imagine you have an issue with your HVAC. Your system may operate more often due to a
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    (Pictured L-R) Clarksville Mayor Joe Pitts; General Manager of CDE Lightband, Brian Taylor; Energy Services Specialist at CDE Lightband, Levon Gibson; Energy Services Specialist at CDE Lightband, Robert Denson; Energy Services Manager at CDE Lightband, John Jackson; Vice President of TVA EnergyRight, Cynthia Herron; Program Manager of TVA EnergyRight, Bethany Kitch; Customer Service
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Energy Insight: Extended Leave Energy Saving Tips for Summer

Are you planning an extended vacation? Are you a member of the military and deploying soon? Whatever the reason for your extended absence, CDE Lightband wants to help keep your energy costs down while you are away. THERMOSTAT When leaving, set all the home’s thermostats to 80°F – 85°F. This way, HVAC usage is minimal
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APPA’s Solar Penetration Study with DEED Grant

Congratulations to our Business Intelligence Analyst, Jared Combs for his contribution of information to APPA’s distributed energy resources article. His extensive research on compiling accurate data on the effect of solar penetration and solar output on utility revenues has uncovered imperative information. Please click on the link below to read the full article on Jared’s
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FREE Home Energy Evaluations

by Robert Denson We work with TVA on a number of different programs. Now that spring is here and summer is not far away we highly advise giving this program a try if you have not done so. If you feel as though your energy bills are excessive or if you just want direction in
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Energy Insight: Spring Clean and Go Green

by Robert Denson We made it everyone! Winter is over! This is the time of year a lot of people (myself included) do some spring cleaning. We usually clean the house and eliminate most things we no longer need or want. This is a good start in becoming more green as well. This month’s Energy
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Energy Insight: “We Love You a Watt”

“We Love You a Watt” by Robert Denson Meters are read, energy usage grew. Temper your emotions, here’s what to do… Thermostat settings should be set low. Anything above 68, can cause your usage to grow. You like hot showers?  So do I. Long hot showers make usage very high. Are your appliances old and
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Energy Insight: 10 Tips for Shedding Energy Usage

Have you experienced an energy usage increase? Does your electric bill feel bloated and in need of a cleanse? Power Partners is here with low-cost and no-cost tips to help get your energy usage down all year round! Follow along with us as this article digs into our step by step process, and have you
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